Gristle Bouldershoulder


Gristle Bouldershoulder was a miner until a mine collapse caused him to become claustrophobic. Shortly thereafter he began working as an apprentice brewer, eventually becoming a brewmaster himself, until the mayor ordered a moratorium on the sale of ale. A melancholy mood struck Gristle, so he kicked a dog in its fat. Gristle was quickly arrested and sentenced to five hundred days in prison. That’s before things really got bad. While serving his time in prison, Gristle’s holding was attacked by monsters, beset by goblin raiders, ravaged by a vampire, plagued by societal injustice at the hands of a crooked captain of the guard, economically crippled by the whims of an incompetent Lord Mayor and finally overrun by demons. Only fortune (or perhaps RAQVOR THE CORRUPTOR OF LUCK AND MANIPULATOR OF CHANCE!!!) saved Gristle and he walked alone from the ruins of his once great homestead.

Now wandering the surface world, Gristle is an unhinged, one-eyed scruffy looking Dwarf. He carries his Arcane focus, a petrified skull covered in strange runes, proudly aloft pointing it’s empty-socketed gaze this way and that. The skull, he says, belonged to the avatar of the long-misunderstood many-faced god Raqvor.

Gristle swears Raqvor speaks to him through the skull, encouraging him to to engage in erratic and deceitful behaviour, and believes Raqvor the Shifter and the Shaper is the One True God in existence. Every supposed god in the pantheon, he is often heard explaining with great passion, is but an aspect of Raqvor, designed to appeal to a different walk of life.

Gristle’s grasp on sanity is slowly slipping. He understands less and less of social niceties, and despite a certain crazed magnetism, struggles with many personal interactions. He can be extremely charming and persuasive when he needs to be, and is increasingly intent on starting a cult to Raqvor, if only someone else would listen! Believe that killing in her name delays her coming into the world, and thus delays the destruction of it, Gristle is desperate to recruit followers into this new (and potentially fictional) faith. Maybe if he disrupts and disbands these dragon cults, he can recruit the desperate and lost survivors into his own death-cult and thereby save the world!

And so Gristle joins the quest, truly believing that by serving/appeasing this being, he is saving the world from a much worse


Gristle Bouldershoulder

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