Sir Isteval


Race: Human
Class: Paladin

  • Representative of Daggorford
  • Representative (unofficially) of Cormyr
  • Former Member of the Purple Dragon Knights of Cormyr

“Against Tiamat, we either stand together or fall alone. Who will stand with Cormyr?”


Sir Isteval is well known as a brave adventurer who has been part of three different adventuring parties in his lifetime. The parties were dedicated to spreading Cormyr’s vision of law and good into the Western Heartlands, the corrupt Moonsea, and the Vilhon Wilds.

He led the third party into the Winterwood, where they stumbled upon an ancient green dragon. Unprepared for such an encounter, the adventurers barely managed to drive the dragon away, but not before Isteval had suffered a grievous injury that shattered his left leg.

He has since retired from adventuring and walks with a brace on his leg, walking with the aid of a walking stick carved from a dragon bone from the very dragon that gave him the injury.

Introduction at the First Council of Waterdeep

Sir Isteval is not an member of the Lords’ Alliance, but he is at the Council of Waterdeep as the nominal representative of Daggerford. He does say, during his introduction, that he has been drafted by Cormyr to learn what he can about a war that may be brewing.

Sir Isteval stated that although he may seem to have differing loyalties, he was clear that his loyalties to Cormyr, Daggerford and all good folk are not cross-purpose. This caused the other delegates to have some dissatisfaction with him remaining on the Council.

He has said that he believes that the hope of the good people of Faerûn lie with the characters. He believes that their brave actions will pave the way for freedom from Tiamat.

Council Leanings.

  • Sir Isteval was pleased to learn that the players respected the ownership of Skyreach Castle and returned it to the giants.
  • Sir Isteval was also pleased to hear the tales of the bravery of the party during the rescue and subsequent assistance to Leosin Erlanthar.
  • Sir Isteval was very pleased to hear of the tales of strength and righteousness of the party from Ontharr Frume.
  • Sir Isteval was very pleased to hear that the party was able to get the support of the Arcane Brotherhood through the rescue of Maccath the Crimson.
  • Sir Isteval was very pleased to hear the party had vanquished Arauthator.

Sir Isteval

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