Taeran Hornblade


Race: Human (Incredibly long lived)
Class: Wizard

  • Representative of Silverymoon
  • Former leader of Silverymoon

“Calculated risks are necessary to win this war, and no one is likely to emerge unscathed.”


The exact birthdate of Taern is unknown, but the best guess suggests that he is over 200 years old. In his many adventures he has personally fought the Cult of the Dragon, particularly a century ago when they attacked Silverymoon and he killed a dracolich outside the cities southern walls.

He has since stepped down as the leader of Silverymoon and become a diplomat for the city he has spent over two centuries protecting.

Council of Waterdeep

Taern has made it clear that he needs convincing of the real threat of the Cult, as he believes that the cult is not behaving as it has in the past. He is fearful that promising Silverymoon soldiers and mages to an attack against the Cult would leave the city undefended from an all out draconic attack. He wants to be certain that the threat is real and the party has learned all they have about the Cult.

Council Leanings

  • Taern was pleased that the giants were given control of Skyreach Castle after it was relinquished from the Cult.
  • Taern, well versed with the Harpers, was thankful that the party saved Leosin Erlanthar, and praised the actions taken by the party during his rescue and their subsequent actions acting under his guidance.
  • Taern is pleased that the Arcane Brotherhood is joining the battle against the Cult, their magical power will supplement that of Silvermoon.
  • Taern was pleased that the party killed Arauthator, knowing first hand the power of dragons left unchecked.

Taeran Hornblade

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