Ulder Ravengard


Race: Human
Class: Fighter

  • Marshall of the Flaming Fist (Military of Baldur’s Gate)
  • Representative of Baldur’s Gate

“I am trusted with protecting thousands of lives, and I will not betray that trust no matter what my personal desires.”


A soldier his entire life, Ulder rose through the ranks of the Flaming Fist to one day lead it.

Council of Waterdeep

Marshall Ulder has been very clear that he is very aware that he is the only member at the Council who has adequate military acumen. He is also able to gather the largest host to set against the Cult. He point-blankly demands the party to prove to him that they are worthy of his military wit and prowess.

Council Leanings

  • Ulder felt that the surrender of Skyreach Castle in exchange for the military support of the giants was a good move.
  • Ulder recognizes the weighty praise given to the party by Ontharr Frume.
  • Ulder believes that leaving the dragon hatchery untouched was a strategic blunder that could turn the war against the Alliance.
  • Ulder was pleased that the Arcane Brotherhood has promised assistance in required.
  • Ulder was pleased by the tactical acumen of the party in killing Arauthator.

Ulder Ravengard

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