Tyranny of Dragons

The Yuan-ti

The group is in the throne antechamber, just after defeating four mummies that have broken through the walls when the northern door opened.

The party decided to head into the eastern room, first by allowing granddad Herongull to ‘phumph’ through the door in his air elemental form. He discovered the library, mostly bare of books and it’s guardian, the ghost Ilda who jealously guards the books.

She seemed to think she was still alive, part of the library and guarding the books that have since been stole or rotted away. There was a short conversation with her where she revealed that she had not seen or met anyone else, and that Diderius was a great and powerful wizard that was adept at divination, using a magical pool to divine a great many things.

They next went into the Throne Room, and gazed upon the massive statue that was meant to represent Diderius. It asked for tribute, and each character, with the exception of Herongull left something in the pile. Nothing happened, and the party moved on.

The next room, as they knew, is the dining room. Seated at the tables were five bearded devils. They first laughed at Herongull who claimed to be travelling with people, but when he returned through with the rest of the party they acknowledged him. They spoke of being told to remain here by their boss, but also mentioned another boss, the Archduchess of Avernus, Zariel. They said that Zariel’s wishes somehow mingle with those of the cults, and as such they have been asked to follow Varlam.

After a quick game of cards, in which Nic Hanza won, they opened up a bit more, saying that Varram was their boss, and they worked for him under the orders of Zariel. Varram told the five devils to stay here and he continued onwards deeper into the tomb. They also mention that Varram has lost the dragon mask and is here trying to look for it.

The group went further on, finding a room with a spherical indent and a sluice running down to it. There was also signs of blood, arrows and a dead cultist within the room. The cultist was hit with an arrow, but was not killed by it. In fact he was stabbed in the back by a knife.
Using his skills, Cheep was able to determine that there was some combat here, but it wasn’t the combat that killed the cultist. Whatever happened in this room lead out to the northern door. Nic listened at the door and there was only silence.

The northern room was well lit by braziers, the walls etched with beautiful frescoes of forgotten gods, and in the centre was a great sarcophagus. As the group walked in they noticed a ruined skull that seemed to have been made up of a number of skulls. There was a white scale of a dragonborn jammed into one of the crevices on the skull. There was also a longsword (I think it is a +1 longsword, but Mike will have to verify). Nic recognized the skull as the skull of the previous Avatar of Raqvor, held by the current avatar of Raqvor.

Then Nic held aloft the skull and said, “Alas, poor Gristle! I knew him, Cheep, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath borne me on his back a thousand times, and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft.” [Sorry… had to]

The sarcophagus began speaking to the group, saying that it knew what they wished. It spoke of Varram being taken by yuan-ti and that Diderius could open the door for them. As it spoke, Nif climbed upon the sarcophagus and pretended to sleep. Diderius spoke: “Leave me to rest or face your doom.” Nic lifted Nif off the sarcophagus and the northern secret door opened, revealing a wet, dark cave.

They entered, its Cheep and Heerok discussing who should take and use the longsword they found – probably belonging to Gristle. As the walked into the wet cave there were some chirps and the sound of wood clanking and arrows being placed in bows, they were spotted! Down a flight of stairs a moss covered stone bridge spanned a dark chasm and on the far side, six lizardmen stood wielding weapons.

Nic was first and attacked the lizardmen. Combat ensued, Herongull throwing half the lizard men off the bridge to their deaths. A yuan-ti malison attempted to charm Heerok, but his divine power overcame and spell and he shrugged it off. Within a few more seconds, the combat was done and they continued down the corridor.

Herongull, still in his elemental form explored the caves, noticing many doors and passages. Down one he found a lowered cavern, crawling with snakes with a pile of dead lizardfolk. There were a few yuan-ti in the pit, three strangely human yuan-ti and the third a large, armed humanoid-snake. He returned back to the party. The party decided to leave the room as it was the hatchery of the yuan-ti. Herongull said that he believed that every entity has the choice for good and evil, and as the young have not made that choice, they should be left.

The entered a large oddly shaped room that kept statues and shrines. Then they stumbled unto the quarters of the yuan-ti. There were three lizard folk and a very human looking yuan-ti there and the fight was quick. Using the corridor for cover the group completely destroyed the lizard folk and yuan-ti in the room. They looked around, seeing that there were holes within the floor that were sleeping chambers for the yuan-ti.



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